Sustainable Practices

The vineyard farming practices have evolved over the years toward environmentally sustainable spray applications. With the organically farmed dairy pastures adjacent to the vineyard, John takes extra care to protect the farm’s organic status. Whenever possible, John uses only Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) approved materials that will not impact the nearby organic pastures, especially during the spring grazing season.

John uses organic compost from the farm in the vineyard. This allows John to introduce micronutrients into the soil that the vines need to produce high-quality fruit. It also allows us to irrigate less because the compost acts as a protective mulch under the vines as we drip irrigate. The combination of water conservation and soil amendment helps Bucher Farms produce superior quality Russian River Valley Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes that go into our Bucher Vineyard wines, and the wines of so many other wineries that purchase Bucher Farms fruit.

Farming sustainably makes sense for us as farmers and consumers. We continuously strive to be better stewards of the land. ~ John Bucher

Cows walking along the top of a vineyard ridge on their way home from a day of grazing in the beautiful Russian River Valley
Our Vineyard
A beautifully maintained vineyard on a hill with blue sky in the background
Sustainable Practices
A closeup view of a portion of the map of Bucher Vineyard
Vineyard Map